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Available to anyone, our cake tasting boxes are a bundle of 6 large slices of cake from our limited edition of unique flavour combinations.

Whether you’re looking to try our cakes before booking with us, sending it as a gift, or simply looking to indulge in a delicious treat… we won’t tell!!

These cake samples will be presented in a box of 6 generously cut wedge slices. Kindly choose two flavour options per box, or just one flavour if thats all you fancy!

They are shipped by Royal Mail once a month. Usually posted on the first Thursday of each month.

Cake tasting box

  • Allergy advice

    For allergens, including cereals containing gluten, please see ingredient section.

    Vanilla and Raspberry-vanilla sponge filled with fresh raspberry

    swiss meringue buttercream

    Victoria Sponge-Light Sponge cake sandwiched with strawberry jam and swiss meringue buttercream  

    Mango and Coconut-Coconut cake with mango puree filling and swiss meringue butter cream

    Chocolate Caramel-Chocolate sponge layered with ganache and caramel filling.  
    Earl grey tea cake-Earl grey flavoured/infused sponge with swiss meringue buttercream  

    Lemon and Blueberry-Lemon and fresh blueberry sponge filled

    with a lemon curd buttercream


    Cappuccino- Cappuccino flavoured sponge with cappuccino

    swiss meringue buttercream


    Vanilla and Salted Caramel -Vanilla Sponge Filled with salted

    caramel & swiss meringue buttercream


  • Ingredients

    Ingredients as shown on individual packaging.

    Sponge cakes contain wheat (gluten), Butter (dairy), eggs, milk (dairy). Chocolate may contain Soya.

    Please note that any shop bought toppings have their own ingredient list too.

    Please kindly also note that our kitchen handles allergens such as Wheat (gluten), eggs, dairy and nuts, therefore, cross contamination may be possible.

    We don't use any ingredients you can't find in a household kitchen.

    Cake boxes that your cakes are delivered in are fully recyclable!

  • Best served

    All cakes are baked fresh to order. Sponge Cakes are decadent and tasty as they are handmade and may vary slightly in appearance each time as a result.

    All my baked cakes are best served at room temperature unless otherwise specified.

    Cakes should be refrigerated and removed from refrigerator at least an hour or two before serving to allow the sponge to bounce back from being chilled.

  • Dispatch and delivery

    Free UK postage on these delicious straight to your home address!

    Posted usually on the first Thursday of each month.

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